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Selling at Auction

If you are interested in consigning items to sell with us at auction, the process below is where to start:

  1. Contact us to discuss your item(s) and ask any questions you may have about the auction process you can reach us by phone at 910-800-9825 or by email at

  2. Once you've spoken with the auction company, you will need to sign a contract agreeing on the terms of the auction, including the commission rate (the percentage of the final sale price that the auction company will retain as their fee) and any other fees, such as advertising or moving fees etc.

  3. If you have a minimum price in mind that you'd like to receive for your item, you can set a reserve price. This is the lowest price you're willing to accept for your item, and if the bidding doesn't reach this amount, the item will not be sold. Keep in mind their may be a "no sale fee" involved with setting reserves on items. We recommend only setting reasonable reserve prices on higher ticket items. Auction history shows that selling items without reserve typically results in more buyer engagement and ultimately higher prices for the seller in most cases.

  4. You will typically need to deliver your item(s) to our auction house located in Wilmington, NC. We may also offer pickup services for an additional fee.

  5. We will promote your item(s) to potential buyers, through multiple advertising channels and to our current customer base.

  6. On the day(s) of the auction, interested buyers will bid on your item(s) until the highest bid is reached.

  7. If your item sells, the auction company will collect payment from the buyer and handle the transaction. You will first receive a settlement statement displaying sale results, commission and any other fees agreed upon. Once you have signed the settlement statement, payment can be picked up or mailed to you. It's important to communicate clearly with us throughout the process, and to make sure you understand all the terms and fees associated with the auction as outlined in your consignment contract.

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