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Buying at Auction


  1. Registration: Buyers must first register to bid with our HiBid online auction platform to participate in the auction. This involves creating an account with a valid email address, contact information, and a payment method.

  2. Item selection: Once registered, buyers can browse the items up for auction and select the ones they are interested in.

  3. Bidding: To bid on an item, buyers enter their bid amount on our HiBid auction platform, incrementally increasing the bid as other bidders place bids.

  4. Winning: If a buyer places the highest bid and meets any reserve price or minimum bid requirements when applicable, they win the item.

  5. Payment and Shipping: After winning an item, the buyer must pay for it, typically through the online auction platform. The auction company will then arrange for the item to be shipped or made available for pickup, depending on the delivery options for each item.

It is important for buyers to carefully read the auction terms and conditions before participating in an online auction. This includes understanding the payment and shipping policies, buyer's premium, and any other fees associated with the auction. Buyers should also ensure they have a reliable internet connection and that they understand how the bidding process works before placing any bids.

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